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E-Commerce drives the markets

The world has grown closer together over a number of decades:

  • More and more consumers are buying goods and products via the internet.
  • National borders are no longer an issue.
  • Product diversity, service, simple handling and low prices are all important.

In selected markets across Europe, North America, Asia and India, DHL eCommerce Solutions provides domestic and international parcel services for business customers and consumers, as well as individual services and tailored solutions for e-commerce customers.

DHL eCommerce Solutions links Europe even more strongly and helps you to achieve further growth, both at home and abroad.
For you as an online retailer DHL eCommerce Solutions provides you with the perfect basis for professional parcel shipping. We are your partner of choice for:

  • secure and reliable transport to existing consumers.
  • opening up new market segments and attracting more customers.
  • both at home and in other countries in the world.

At the same time, you benefit from an outstanding network with fast transit times, thanks to DHL's very own team of local delivery specialists.

DHL eCommerce Solutions - Network and Services

Thanks to the own networks of DHL eCommerce Solutions and reliable partners in other countries, we ensure in more than 35 countries, that your goods reach your customers safely and on time.

Our dense network of Servicepoints brings convenience to recipients and shippers alike. Still our recipient services are tailored for all regions.

With a high level of efficiency and comprehensive services we are on the move everywhere for you!

What products does DHL eCommerce Solutions offer for international shipping?

With DHL Parcel Connect and DHL Parcel Return Connect, DHL eCommerce Solutions offers a standardized shipping solution throughout Europe with harmonized standards for senders and recipients shipping items within Europe. In addition, you can send shipments to over 220 countries and territories with DHL Parcel International and DHL Parcel Return International.

Furthermore, DHL eCommerce Solutions offers tailored cross-border solutions for large e-commerce customers.

Product portfolio for cross-border shipping

DHL Parcel Connect for business customers offers harmonized parcel shipping all across the DHL Parcel Europe network. To target eCommerce volumes its USPs are fast transit times, high quality standard, full end-to-end transparency and a wide range of services for recipients, leveraging the strength of our own network and of selected partners.

  • Weight: Up to 31.5kg
  • Dimension: Maximum 120 x 60 x 60cm
  • Fast transit times: typically ranging between 1-3 days1)
  • For customers in all DHL Parcel Europe countries
  • Delivery in all DHL Parcel Europe and partner countries
  • End-to-End transparency through track & trace including pre-delivery notification
  • Saturday and delivery on preferred day possible
  • Direct delivery to Parcelshop or Parcelstation
  • Standard insurance up to €500 included
  • Additional services available (e.g. cash on delivery, pick-up services, bulky goods)

1) Product specifications may vary by origin and destination country

DHL Parcel Return Connect is an international return product for business customers from selected countries with fast transit times, high-density of drop-off points, full end-to-end track & trace transparency, using the strengths of our own network and of selected partners.

  • Weight: Up to 31.5kg
  • Dimension: Maximum 120 x 60 x 60cm
  • For direct returns from all Parcel Europe countries to DHL Parcel Europe countries
  • Fast transit times typically ranging between 1-3 days1)
  • Full end-to-end track & trace
  • Return label included with original shipment
  • Free of charge for returning consumer
  • Drop off at DHL & partner Parcelshops  & Parcelstations2)
  • Pick-up at private address available
  • Standard insurance up to EUR 500 included
  • Additional services (e.g. bulky goods)

1) Product specifications may vary by origin and destination country
2) As available

DHL Parcel International [Standard] provides shipping of parcels to over 220 countries. Business customers benefit from simplified postal customs clearance, reliable transit times with end-to-end tracking to key destinations using our global postal network and our international shipping expertise.

  • Weight: Up to 31,5kg [20kg1)]
  • Dimension2): [Europe: maximum 120 x 60 x 60cm, maximum girth 300cm] [Americas, Aspac: Maximum length 42 inch, maximum length & girth 79 inch]
  • Available to 220 destinations worldwide
  • Range-definite transit times [typically between 5-10 days]
  • End-to-end tracking
  • Delivery through local postal providers
  • Simplified postal customs clearance
  • Standard insurance up to €500 included

1) DHL eCommerce limit
2) Product specifications may vary by origin and destination country

DHL Parcel Return International provides return shipping of parcels [from 26 European countries to EU countries and Switzerland using the network of our postal partners.]

  • Weight: Up to 31,5kg [up to 20kg1)]
  • Dimension2): Maximum 120 x 60 x 60cm
  • [For returns within Europe via Germany]
  • End-to-end tracking
  • Online label creation for returns
  • Drop-off at postal outlets
  • Liability based on legal regulations

1) DHL eCommerce limit
2) Product specifications may vary by origin and destination country

Your benefits

  • Harmonized and continuously growing parcel network for cross-border shipping in Europe.
  • High level of availability with a comprehensive infrastructure comprising more than 65,000 customer access points in Europe and about 67,000 in the world.
  • End-customer accessibility even outside the European parcel network in over 220 countries and territories worldwide.
  • Tailor-made shipping solutions through harmonized standard products for European or worldwide shipping with a wealth of product features and services.

For more Information about the services of DHL eCommerce Solutions worldwide, please select  a country above.

Furthermore DHL eCommerce Solutions offers with DHL Parcel ForYou and DHL Parcel ForYou International a private customer parcel solution. For more information please select a country.

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